GDPR – Giving You Control / Horizon’s Take!

Published: 10th May 2018 | Author: Kate Howes

Yes, yes you are! #GDPR is empowering YOU to have control over YOUR data. Hang on, don’t leave yet…we promise it’ll be interesting!

So, the General Data Protection Regulation is a new EU law coming into force soon. It essentially means that you have a much greater ability than ever before to ensure that your personal data is secure, not meddled with and totally owned by you. You might have noticed plenty of emails recently from business you’ve given your data to in the past. They’ll now be getting in touch to check they’re still OK to contact you and to make it clearer about what your rights are and what they will do with your data.

It’s really all about how organisations get your data, what they do with it and how they keep it safe. Importantly, a big part is companies being transparent with you about your rights to access it. Benefits include but are not limited to…fewer random spammy emails (woo!), less robotic PPI callers, far less risk of anyone using your data to influence political campaigns!*

It’s a really great thing and with not long to go before it becomes law, we’ve got our new procedures and privacy policies in place. Yep, we are ready to go! We’re part of the REC (that’s the governing body for Recruiters in the UK) who are ace and that means our preparation for GDPR has been done to thorough standards thanks to their guidance. Bring it on!

*hopefully, although there are always naughty rule breakers out there. The ICO (Information Commissioners Office) are ON IT though and will be dishing out heavy fines for anyone caught not complying!

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If you’re a client, or a candidate of ours and have any questions about GDPR and how we’re handling your data then give us a call on 01379 898474 or alternatively, you can read our privacy policy here: which covers the main points nicely. We’ve also appointed our designated Data Protection Officer, Gemma Turp, so any email queries can be sent on

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