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Looking for a new job, attending interviews and even continuing to develop or trying to change your career can be stressful, sometimes confusing and often nerve-wracking but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. We feel that a good recruiter should be there to support their candidates, to offer friendly guidance and help make the whole process a lot more enjoyable for you which is what we aim to do here at Horizon!

We’re big believers in getting to know the person behind the CV and aim to spend as much time as possible getting to know our candidates. After all, it can be tricky to do yourself justice and get across your character on just a few pieces of paper.

Most of our candidate communication is conducted over the phone (we do like to talk!) and as many of our candidates will testify, it’s not unusual for us to spend an hour chatting away to candidates about our vacancies, or their CVs. Mind you, we do get that time is precious when you’re working so just let us know if you can only chat after work or during a break and we’ll keep it a bit more brief!

Please note that we no longer register candidates in person and our office is not open to the public. If you’d like to discuss your career options, job search, or CV then you can get in touch via phone or email instead.

If you’re seeking a new role or are new to the job searching market, then you might find our article on top tips for candidates useful.


Q. I’ve applied for one or more of your vacancies but haven’t heard back from you yet…

A. Bear with us! We do respond to every single applicant with feedback however during busy periods, it can take us between 1-2 weeks to respond.

Q. As a candidate, is there any charge for using your services?

A. No! Absolutely not! We have never and will never charge our candidates for any of our services. We make our fees by selecting and introducing candidates to our clients and charge our clients for this service. This also includes temporary roles.

Q. How do I register my details with you?

A. The best way to register your details with us is by emailing your CV to us to Gemma or Kate will then contact you with a link to our online registration form and will ask your permission to hold onto your details.

Q. I’m registered with you but haven’t heard from you in a while, why is this?

A. Although we actively use our database to select candidates for roles, it does sometimes let us down (and our memories aren’t so good at recalling each of our registered candidates sadly!) so we do rely on our candidates taking a proactive approach, keeping in touch with us from time-to-time.

Q. I’ve tried to apply for one of your vacancies on your website but get this message “Sorry it looks like you are a candidate that has been reviewed by our team in the past and we were unable to help you. At this moment we are not in the position to progress your application. If you feel that your circumstances have changed then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

A. We’re really sorry about this. We have a problem with our database and are working with our software providers to fix this issue. You can send your application to us via email instead or through any of our advertisers. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Wow, what a fantastic agency. I cannot recommend enough. I applied for a job and was offered an interview the next day. Gemma went above and beyond to help me prepare for the interview. I got the job! Gemma guided me through the next steps and I cannot wait to start in a weeks’ time. I would not be where I am now if it had not been for the commitment and support Gemma and the team showed me. Thank you so much all of you and keep up the good work 🙂

- Stephanie
Customer Service – Norwich

I have just gone through the “Horizon Experience” and have to report that from the initial contact to a successful placement with a fantastic company, Kate Dyer was the most accomplished, thorough and personable HR professional I have encountered.


Kate grilled me at the outset, nicely, and ensured I possessed the necessary skillset her client required. At all times she held both the applicant and client’ interests at heart, a rare trait in HR circles. If you are fortunate to apply for a position and Kate is involved, trust me, you will have a superbly professional experience!.

- James
Architectural Designer - Renfrewshire, Scotland

If you are looking to join recruitment agency to find work, Look no further, truly amazing professional company with really friendly staff that will always go the extra mile for you.

Thank you so much Horizon for all your support

- Nick
Sales – Bury St Edmunds

To Gemma and the Horizon team,

I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and the dedication which you showed throughout the recruitment process which led to my employment. You diligently kept me informed at all times, offering encouragement and reassurance at each step.

Gemma specifically dealt with the process for me, lifting my confidence throughout, whilst providing realistic and practical advice that really worked.

Horizon offer a consummately professional service, made all the more special by a charming personal touch. The whole process was actually fun, never intimidating, and all the time I was left with a feeling that Gemma had things fully covered.  I have taken great pleasure in recommending Horizon to friends and colleagues.

A great BIG THANKYOU to Gemma and Kate! You make an awesome team.

- Dean
Manufacturing Planning Manager - East Harling

I have full confidence in how horizon operate and assist in selecting you and getting you prepared for that all important job. Everything they do is one big positive they really assist and give loads of encouragement to you. They speak to you on a personal level not someone who just happens to have ticked the right boxes. This is a rare thing to find these days and I am so glad that our paths crossed, they really go out of their way. They definitely get top marks from me and deservedly so. They outshine all the rest. You can rely on these people. A very well deserved thank-you to Kate and Gemma. Professionals at their best.

- David
FLT Driver – Thetford

Having used a few recruitment agencies before I can certainly say that Horizon and in particular Kate Dyer have been utterly brilliant. They are not pushy in the slightest and have both their clients and candidates interests at heart. A refreshing change from other agencies that I have encountered!

- Mark
Sales Manager – Norwich