Say hello to Sky HR Ltd…

Published: 26th March 2020 | Author: Kate Howes

Everybody,  meet  Jenna …

We’ve been keeping a secret! Well, we’ve just been a bit too busy to share the news as it’s been a hectic few weeks at Horizon HQ. What with planning, organising, celebrating some of our recent success and now…of course; adapting to working from home (more on that in the next article) …

We are over the moon to announce that we will be working alongside Jenna Gorham at Sky HR Ltd to help with offering our clients more of a ‘one-stop shop’ for recruitment and HR Services. Snazzy, right?! Jenna and Kate first began working together as client and recruiter back in 2012 and have kept in touch since. Chartered and MCIPD-qualified Jenna has over 18 years’ experience and operates as an independent HR Consultant across the East of England.

How’s   it  going   to  work?

Working as two independent companies but in partnership is a great way forward for us. Over the years, our clients have often asked us HR-related questions that in all honesty, we aren’t quite qualified to answer – so it’s wonderful to be able to point them in Jenna’s direction now!

We’ll work with Jenna on her client’s recruitment needs, and Jenna will step in when needed to help our clients with their HR requirements. One of the great things about working with Jenna is that all her services are pay-as-you-go with no contractual ‘tie-ins’. As well as this, she is professional, amazingly up to date on HR and employment-related matters and is one of the hardest working people we know.

Already   a   success…

One of the reasons we’ve been so busy is thanks to Jenna, actually. We’ve already been assisting her and one of her clients recruiting a Sales Manager for their digital solutions business. It was an important recruit for the firm, so we dedicated ourselves to the search and are happy to say the role was recruited within 17 days! Nice and speedy, yet a thorough, efficient recruitment process too!

who   doesn’t   love   a   discount?!

We’re also pleased to say that any client working with Jenna, will also be eligible for discounts on Horizon’s recruitment services (click here for more information) – what more could you want, hey?! We’ll issue discount vouchers for permanent recruits which will be valid for the following 12 months, so for example: spend £3,000 in 2020/2021 with Sky HR and receive £300 worth of Horizon vouchers to use at any point up to January 2022, giving you a full 12 months to use them!

You can find out much more about Sky HR and Jenna by clicking here or giving us a call. Oh, and new clients are eligible for a FREE HR health check too, so don’t forget to enquire!


employers   –  please    be    aware…

Jenna is also currently offering a 50% discount on all Coronavirus related advice for employers.

You can contact her via either Email on or Telephone: 07940 062269