Sharing The Good Stuff About Recruitment

Published: 13th June 2019 | Author: Kate Howes


Dear reader,

Hello, Kate here. Flying solo this week from Horizon HQ…It’s been a funny old week so far. Feels almost autumn-like thanks to the torrential downpours and Gemma is on her holidays. Being the sociable creature that I am, it feels a bit lonely in the office (the dog isn’t that hot on conversation sadly).

But… I’ve not gone doolally due to lack of human interaction (yet) thanks to the lovely bunch of people we’re working with at the moment. Because it’s nice to share some of the good stuff, here are some things that have made me smile this week…

It’s   nice   to   be   nice

“I called you guys because you’ve got good reviews”

On Monday a candidate rang up asking about work having recently moved to the area. I was really chuffed when he said that he’d decided to call us first because we had good reviews. YAY! Genuine feedback does work and it’s nice to know people do read them sometimes.


Silver   Linings

Yesterday, I had to decline a candidate for a job. One of the worst parts of what I do, without a doubt. Even after 7 years I’m not particularly hardened to it. Despite being a bit disappointed, she still wrote this (which I have permission to share):

“Can I also take the time to say I absolutely loved dealing with you Kate, it has been so refreshing working with a recruitment agency that cares. I really appreciate all the time you gave me and for always being on hand to answer my questions. Horizon seems like such a positive, passionate and happy company, which is so rare and amazing to see.”

Although we go on about them quite often, if you want to take a read, you can find more genuine reviews and testimonials made by our clients and candidates here!


Age   is   just  a   number,   it’s   your   mentality   that   makes  you   ‘you’

A chap called me yesterday to ask about local opportunities. He told me he’s 78 but is by no means the most experienced of candidates I’ve ever seen on the market. That prize goes to a 95, yes 9-5-year-old whose CV I once saw; complete with employment history going back to the 1950’s!. I just love that some people have such a passion for working they want to carry on for as long as possible. It reminds me of my own Nana who worked as a bookkeeper/treasurer until she was over 90!

It’s a shame that there aren’t more opportunities suited to a typically post-retirement age generation, their skills and knowledge are invaluable. However, we are pleased to have worked on a number of vacancies over the years that would have been suited to part-retired candidates but would love to see it more often. So, if your business could benefit from the experience and knowledge of somebody 65+ then let us know and we’ll try to find you a great match!


Why   we’re   here

Last but not least; we’ve made two people very happy yesterday by being able to offer them great jobs with our clients. Both very different candidates in very different roles, but to know you’ve made two people so overjoyed (and hopefully help make a positive impact on their futures) is just…THE best feeling!


That’s all for now folks. As always, keep an eye out on our social media pages for more happenings (Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram) and our vacancies page for any new juicy jobs that might catch your eye!