New Year, New Job?

Published: 2nd January 2019 | Author: Kate Howes

If you were one of many who woke up this morning and thought ‘oh good grief, no!’ when the prospect of returning to work dawned upon you then perhaps it’s time to look what’s out there? New year, new job and all that!

Time  for  a  change?

We all know people whether personally or professionally who just don’t seem to enjoy their jobs, right? We’ve probably all had jobs we’ve not been happy in too. It’s a sad thing, but a common issue and it’s not surprising that it can take a bit of time to find the right place and job for you to actually enjoy going to work every day. But when you do; oh it’s so worth it!

But lots of people, for various reasons stick out jobs they don’t enjoy or even jobs that make them unhappy. It doesn’t need to be that way! It can be nerve wracking looking for a new job; but making that switch can be a life-changing experience. Most of us spend up to 9 hours a day at work, five days per week…a rather big portion of our lives! So, finding a job you’re moderately happy in at least is kind of important for our overall well-being.

You  won’t  know  until  you  try…

You might be uncertain about your CV, nervous about the prospect of interviews, or unsure if there are the right kind of roles out there that match what you’re seeking. Maybe you keep finding reasons to put off your job search, or don’t think you’d be able to get time off for an interview? Whatever the reasons – it is possible to work around these things (they often say ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way!’ and the good thing about job hunting, is you can dip your toe in and out and do things at your own pace. When it comes to you finding the right job for yourself, don’t let anyone pressure you into hurried decisions. Take your time and trust your instincts as nobody wants to jump from one unhappy job into another. Good things are worth waiting for so sometimes the slow and steady approach can be for the best.

Dipping  your  toe  in…

First things first, you’ll need to brush up your CV or write one from scratch. There is plenty of great free advice out there, and professionals such as us recruiters will gladly help wherever possible. If you’re really stuck or unsure then get in touch with Kate on with what you’ve already got and I can happily give you some advice.

Then you need to choose what to do with it – you can use it to just apply for roles or to send to prospective employers as you see fit (we always recommend a covering letter in this instance, check out our article on writing these here). You can upload it to some of the larger job websites (such as CV Library, Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs) as recruiters will then be able to view it and match you to potential jobs. Easy peasy!

No time like the present…

January through to April is often the busiest time in the world of recruitment for some strange reason, and it’s a great chance to put yourself out there. If you’re confident about your search then that’s amazing – throw yourself into applying and put yourself out there; you never know, your dream job might be just around the corner!

For those of you (there will be a lot I’m sure) who are worried or anxious about looking for a new job then you can do this and you will hopefully be far happier in the long-run. We firmly believe that jobs DO transform lives as we’ve witnessed it happen on many, many an occasion. It might be you next! You might find this article helpful as it’s all about harnessing nerves into excitement and seeing your job-search as a great fun challenge.


So, dear reader and potential new-job-seeker…GOOD LUCK and wishing you lots of happiness for 2019.


Kate and the rest of Team Horizon