Jobs Transform Lives…yes, yes they do!

Published: 2nd July 2018 | Author: Kate Howes

Here at Horizon we wholeheartedly believe that jobs transform lives and changing your job can massively impact on your life. We see it happen every day when placing our candidates, but some stories get us in the feels more than others and a recent case was pretty special…

We placed a lovely candidate with a FANTASTIC client, in a new job that suits them down to the ground. Thanks to their stellar performance at interview and general greatness, our candidate has secured themselves an amazing job with a company that value their employees. Maybe best of all, they’ve added a great £6k + to their annual earnings. It just goes to show, taking the plunge into a new job can be so worthwhile! This improvement on earnings will hopefully have such a positive impact on our candidate’s life and to say that they are over-the-moon-delighted is an understatement! We are so pleased for them, and it serves as a reminder of why we LOVE what we do because jobs really do transform lives (so cheesy but so true!!).


Bettering   Our   Industry   through     dedication   &    pride!


‘Jobs Transform Lives’ is a message that the REC (the Recruitment Employment Confederation), the recruitment industry’s governing body came up with a little while back. The REC have worked with recruitment companies and employers for almost 100 years and encourage and enforce better standards and good practice when it comes to recruitment-related matters. We love their message, it rings true for both candidates, recruiters and our clients and allows us to passionately shout about the good in our industry…of which there is plenty!

Like many industries, the recruitment sector can get some negative press now and then. Some perhaps rightly so…sadly we do hear some about some awful experiences. However, we believe that the majority of recruiters in the UK are a good, skilled and caring bunch of people who do want to make a difference. We’re also a bit of a necessity these days, as unemployment is at a 40-year low, it becomes harder for busy organisations to source, assess and match candidates to their vacancies…which is where dedicated recruiters come in!

The REC reports that 85% of HR professionals admit that their business has made poor hiring decisions. We all know how having a bad Manager or team member can affect a workplace for the worse, so avoiding these bad recruits is the key to having a happy, solid team. Finding and then working with a good recruitment provider, who will take the time to understand the businesses culture, skill needs and each of their roles can be highly valuable. It can also really transform the shape and future success of a business, whether big or small.

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So, no matter who you are…we think it’s true that jobs can and do transform lives, and in this day and age, recruiters play a huge part in this and should be proud of what we do. The more we show the positive impacts of the work in our industry, hopefully the standards of what makes a good recruiter will only become higher and will result in better practice throughout.

Find our more about the ‘Jobs Transform Lives’ campaign by visiting the REC’s website here.

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